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July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Our Lord

Fr. William Faber in the 19th century said, "An offering is more than a prayer and when we make an offering, God deigns to accept something from us."  He recommended a couple of devotions to the Precious Blood of Jesus.  One, to say while attending Holy Mass: "In my stead, O Blessed Virgin Mary, offer to the Eternal Father the Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son in the Chalice for Holy Mother the Church, conversion of sinners, for the souls in purgatory and various needs."  Next, at bedtime, Fr. Faber recommended the following prayer: "O Holy Immaculate Virgin Mary, offer to the Eternal Father, the Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son for the intention that one mortal sin may be prevented this night and the following morning.  Amen."  We honor the great price of redemption, paid with the Precious Blood of Our Lord, that protects us from the evils of the day all throughout the month of July.


During July the Most Precious Blood Litany Card and the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Note Cards are on sale! 

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