The Incredible Story of the Song of Three Shepherds

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The Incredible Story of The Song of Three Shepherds by James Hardiman

The Song of Three Shepherds by James Hardiman is a classic for those who know the Love Story from Heaven on the Fatima children well.  This book tells the whole story from the history of the village beginning in 1158 and takes us into the 20th century.  You are not just reading the story but become a part of the story as you enter into a Catholic culture of the early 1900's and meet the many folks involved and what happens to them and how the grace of God affects each one of them.  You also see how much the Mother of God loves us to come and offer us a true Peace Plan from Heaven.  This book is as engaging as it is inspiring and cannot easily be put down as you look forward to the next chapter.


St. Paul the Apostle told Timothy to 'Attend unto reading', (Tim.4,8). Even though Timothy being a Bishop, was greatly occupied with the care of his flock, still St. Paul the Apostle desired him to attend to the reading of holy books, not in a passing way but daily reading.  St. Alphonsus in his Meditations and Readings, Volume One, (Advent, Christmas and Epiphany) stated," the reading of pious books is the Spirit of God, that fills the soul with holy thoughts and good desires."  One keeps to the presence of God throughout the day and virtue abounds.  Therefore, St. Joseph's Press hopes to restore the past time of the Family Reading Hour by offering you this book for a time of enjoyable and memorable reading with your family.   Just like the American  poet, Longfellow in his poem, The Children's Hour, describes the joy of his children to hear another story by their father, so your family will look forward to another story that keeps Christ presence always with us throughout the day.


Softcover, 300 pages

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