The Desert Fathers - compiled by Helen Waddell

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The Desert Fathers

THE DESERT FATHERS translation from the Latin with introduction by Helen Waddell, 311pages.  Families should have a Medieval Benedictine Monks Library of Pre-Christian works like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Cicero who sought Truth and the Early Church Fathers who knew the Truth was God.  Then the Law of God remains in our hearts and families will not falter.  We offer you one of the classics and it is advised to Read A-Loud whether to yourself or with many.

" the youth of the Church, countless men and a few women, fled the world and flocked to the deserted places of the earth wishing to found and to find their lives in God alone. Their experiences transformed not only their own lives, but also the world they left behind.
The beauty and timelessness of their stories has captured the imagination of men throughout the ages that have followed to live in search only of God and the eternal verities, is a theme that men never weary contemplating and often imitate.
The original of these translations is the Latin of Vitae Patrium, a vast collection of the lives and sayings of the Desert Fathers edited by the learned Rosweyde and printed at the Plantin Press in Antwerp in 1615. The original ran to 1600 pages. These extracts assembled by Helen Waddell are among the best."

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