Abide in My Love - Ascetic and Pastoral Reflections for Young Priests

Abide in My Love - Ascetic and Pastoral Reflections for Young Priests

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Abide in My Love

Since we are family in the Roman Catholic Church, if you know a priest who is about to be ordained or has been recently ordained or even those with many years in the service of God, we recommend this great classic as a companion for them.  This book was written by an Italian priest shortly after passing through the fire and agony of World War I and wished to remain anonymous.  The Holy Father, Pope Pius XI, praised this book many times, and the translator from the French editon said, "Since the War, people often speak about re-enkindling the flame.  May this little book revive in the hearts of priests the flame that Jesus has placed within them, with which He wants to enkindle the world through us: 'I want my priests to be sowers of love!'"  The Sacred Heart of Jesus tells His chosen vessels, those men of His royal priesthood, that their priesthood may be one of fruitfulness beyond measure - Manete in dilectione mea and all power will be given to you.  Follow the pious example of St. John the Apostle and cast yourself upon the breast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Place yourself in the Eucharistic presence of Him to whom all power in heaven and on earth is given.  Here is the exhortation  and the instruction.  The world needs heroic priests. - Deus vult!  Meditate on this golden book and the beating of the Divine Heart will become your own!

Softcover, 166 pages

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