John Senior - The Restoration of Christian Culture

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The Restoration of Christian Culture - by John Senior

"Our Lord explains in the Parable of the Sower that the seed of His love will only grow in a certain soil -- and that is the soil of Christian Culture, which is the work of music in the wide sense, including as well as tunes that are sung, art, literature, games, architecture--all so many instruments in the orchestra which plays day and night the music of lovers; and if it is disordered, then the love of Christ will not grow."  The fallen angels has wrecked havoc in our country and taken over the instruments to play the destruction of the family.  "The restoration of culture, spiritually, morally, physically, demands the cultivation of the soil in which the love of Christ can grow, and that means we must, as they say, rethink priorities."  --  John Senior, Ph.D.
{142 pages of reading A-Loud to the family members and asking the holy Guardian Angels to find the treasures on the pages to adopt as your own.}


ISBN: 9781932528169

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