The Life Of Mary As Seen By The Mystics by Raphael Brown

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265pgs, soft cover.

This book reads like a masterfully written novel as the Blessed Virgin Mary relates her life to four great Catholic mystics.  The simple humble lives of Joseph and Mary speak to our hearts to begin the day with God, have Him through the day and end the day with Him.  

An Excerpt:  "After learning that Mary was the chosen Mother of God, St. Joseph was changed spiritually into a new man....'Is it possible that I shall see my God in your arms, and hear Him speak, and touch Him - that He will live with us - that we shall eat at the same table with Him and talk with Him?  I do not deserve this good fortune, which no one can ever deserve!  Oh, how I regret that I am poor!'

'My master and husband, the Lord is coming to redeem the world and to guide men on the path to life eternal, and this to be done by means of humility and poverty. In humility and poverty He wishes to be born, to live and to die, in order to break the chains of greed and pride in the hearts of men.  That is why He chose our poor and humble home and did not want us to be rich in passing goods, which are but vanity and which darken the understanding. St. Joseph asked Mary to instruct him in the various virtues and in the love of God, she did so with touching humility and skill, often by putting questions to him which of themselves suggested the right answers. She also taught him how to make his daily labor more a practice  of virtue than mere manual work." (96-97)

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