The Peace Maker Who Went to War - St. Nuno

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The Peace Maker Who Went to War - The story of Saint Nuno of Portugal

By John M. Haffert, 165 pages, paperback

Meet Our Lady's Knight who through the centuries came to the aid of his countrymen --Behold Thy Mother Meet the home educated lad, his favorite book, King Arthur's Round Table, and his longing to be another Sir Galahad.  Though greatly outnumbered and well equipped, the enemy could not win a battle against Our Lady's Knight.

"Mother, my fair Lady shall be the Blessed Virgin and I shall carry her token with me everywhere." stated the 13 year old knight to his mother who home educated him.  He placed his Brown Scapular
over his heart.  His sword was engraved with the holy name of Maria.

This 14 century knight, married man, and later Carmelite Friar gives us an example of tender loving devotion to his Mother, as he affectionately called the Blessed Virgin.  He is an example of Ephesians 6. 11-17.  to all of us in the battle we wage against the evil of our times.    In 1918 Pope Benedict XV at his beatification ceremony stated:  "Let  all of you have a common language, the sentences of the Gospel and a common armor, the Scapular of the Virgin Mary which you all ought to wear."

 A most wonderful family reading book, soul-stirring and invoking one holy Guardian Angel, you will find the many treasures laid up in the 165 pages of this book as we did.

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