Pictorial Lives of the Saints

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Pictorial Lives of the Saints - With Reflections for Every Day of the Year

This book is beneficial today as it was in the 19th century with the daily reflections in the Church Year and the biographies of the saints.  A montessori teacher was happy we were reprinting this book as her tattered copy brought her hope and fortitude in the March and April 2020 lockdowns.   An FSSP assistant chaplain advised us: "We become like those we love  and associate with, and reading the lives of the saints makes them our companions in a way, keeps our point of view supernatural, and gives us high ideals.  Otherwise the world slowly but surely drags us down."   A family reading book for all to enjoy and the little ones will like to look at the 1887 images; while the older children and folks will find the saint biographies and the reflections most memorable. 

Our hope is to glorify God and honor His saints, by offering this book with top quality forest green real leather hardcover binding with traditional gold foiling for title and cover and spine artwork.
475 pages of Joy and Hope following the Liturgical Year and biographies of the saints
with daily reflections for each month of the year.

A well formatted 6 inch by 9 inch book with easily readable text for both young and old eyes.

Over 350 black and white edifying pictures of the saints!
The Pictorial Lives of the Saints was widely approved and recommended by bishops all over North America when it was published in 1887.  
  • "This very interesting work cannot fail to do good to all who shall read it.  I not only approve of it, but would beg every English-reading Catholic family of my diocese to buy a copy."  J. Thomas Duhamel, Archbishop of Ottawa, March 12th, 1887
  • "Your Pictorial Lives of the Saints, to which you have asked my attention, has been already commended by me as desired...one of the most edifying and instructive publications." T. Mullen, Bishop of Erie, NY, March 5th 1887
  • "Whenever it gains admittance into a family it will do much good.  No book is so well adapted for spiritual reading of people in the world as the Lives of the Saints."  Henry Joseph Richter, Bishop of Grand Rapids, MI, March 8th, 1887
  • "I would feel very happy if this excellent family book would be found in every household of my diocese."  Fred X. Katzer, Bishop of Green Bay, WI, March 9th 1887

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