The Saint Joseph Promise

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The Saint Joseph Promise by Fr. Robert J. Fox

Written by Fr. Robert Joseph Fox, for youth and young adults to be drawn to the holy purity of St. Joseph and make it their own by upholding the 6th and 9th Commandments of God. May the Voice of the Holy Ghost  through the ages be heeded  -- Go To Joseph.

The Voice of the Holy Ghost inspires the faithful through the centuries on devotion to St. Joseph. Gerson was its Doctor, St. Teresa of Avila took St. Joseph for her special patron and protector and advised all to Go To Joseph.   St. Francis de Sales was the  missioner and the houses of Carmel were like the Holy House of Nazareth.  The contemplative took it up and fed upon it, the working people fastened on it for both the Saint  and his devotion were of them.

St. Joseph is a growing son and his power and will to succor the afflicted and the desire for his aid and patronage had been increasing in the Church as the calamities thickened and threatened.  The Voice of the Holy Ghost is heard -- Go To Joseph.

For St. Joseph to be our powerful patron and interpose for our families, for the Catholic Church, for the whole world what remains for us to do?  We must render ourselves worthy of his special protection.  One must recognize him as their mirror, master, and leader. Take him as their particular advocate, for he has to protect all in life, in death and after death in Purgatory.  (Life &Glories of St. Joseph, 1888) 


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