Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker


Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker

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Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker

This card opens to reveal the Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker, composed by Pope St. Pius X, on one side with a picture of Saint Joseph plying his trade as a carpenter on the other.  Choose from two options for the image!

In the Litany of Saint Joseph, we say: "Model of workmen, pray for us."  Pope Pius IX proclaimed St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church in 1870 and popes after him made Saint Joseph known as head of the Holy Family for our edification and as an example of the Christian life.  Pope Leo XIII wrote any encyclical letter on Saint Joseph and Pope St. Pius X composed a prayer to Saint Joseph the Workman.  Pople Pius Xi tells us that Saint Joseph  belonged to the working class and bore the burdens of poverty for himself and the Holy Family, happy in the state of life Almighty God had chosed for him.  In 1955 Venerable Pope Pius XII designated May 1st to be known as the feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  In 1958 he gave further wisdom on St. Joseph the Worker: "O Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph humble and just artisan of Nazareth, thou hast given to all Christians and particularly to us an example of a perfect life through diligent labor and admirable union with Jesus and Mary; assist us in our daily work..."

We offer especially to all working men The Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker composed by Pope Saint Pius X in a special card that opens with the prayer on one side and picture of your patron on the other side.  This card can be displayed at your office or place of work in the hopes of daily recitation of the prayer that you will be aided by your Patron and Spiritual Father.  St. Teresa of Avila placed her monasteries under St. Joseph's care and tells us, "As it pleased God that Joseph should take the place of father to His Only Son, He gave hime in consequence a grace of paternity toward all men, made him incline all his thoughts and his affections toward them, and moves hime to procure for them as much good as could the tenderest of fathers for his children."

Printed on white cardstock, card measures 4" by 5 1/4" closed

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