Saint Benedict Prayer Card

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Saint Benedict Prayer Card

All of Italy and the Mediterranean regions were overrun by hordes of pagans, the Church torn by conflict, everywhere was war, pillage, and violence among Christians and pagans alike, decadent and immoral living by most of the inhabitants and that is when Benedict, a young man withdrew from these anarchic times and retired to Subiaco, thirty miles from Rome where he gave himself to God.  He met Romanus, the monk, who directed him to a cave to be his home for 3 years as a hermit and brought daily provisions. It is from this lowly isolated cave that he grew in wisdom and grace before God. His holiness spread throughout the region and he is known as the Father of Christian Europe by the  Holy Rule Book he wrote -- living the monastic life of Ora et Labora that restored Christianity and maintained it through the centuries.

The Saint Benedict holy card features a reproduction of a 16th century German painting by the Master of Messkirck, while a prayer of Saint Benedict is on the reverse side.

Image source: St. Benedict in Prayer, Master of Messkirch, 1540

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