Saint Charalambos Holy Card

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Saint Charalambos Holy Card

St. Charalambos was a priest and bishop in the early Christian Church during the times of the Roman persecutions.  In 202 A.D. at the great age of 113, God visited St. Charalambos before his martydom and said to him"Come, Charalambos, thou art my friend, thou who hast endured so many evils for the glory of My Name, ask of Me what thou willest and I will grant it unto thee."  St. Charalambos then asked that wherever his relics reposed or his memory is celebrated for no harm to befall livestock and more importantly for no illness to befall men.  Our Lord agreed, saying: "I grant unto thee what thou hast asked, O generous athlete..."  During the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Septimius Severus, St. Charalambos at the age of 113 was brought before the Proconsul Lucian and condemned to be tortured and put to death.  During the tortures many of the onlookers including several of the Roman soldiers seeing his pleasant steadfastness, converted to Christianity and were then martyred as well.  Enraged by this Lucian and the military commander then took up the tools of torture only to miraculously suffer these tortures themselves.  Whereupon they both prayed for mercy, were healed by St. Charalambos and converted to Christianity as well.  Finally St. Charalambos was brought before the Emperor Septimus Severus where before death he was granted his request by God.

The St. Charalambos Holy Card was requested by a sheep rancher whose livestock were protected through intercession to the saint and wished to honor him.  The front of the holy card features an image of the Saint surrounded by afflicted people and animals while God grants him his request of aid.  On the back is a brief account of his life with his own word offering aid to all who honor his memory.

Printed on white cardstock, 3" x 5"

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