The Burning Babe Christmas Holy Card

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St. Robert Southwell (1561-1595) was an English Jesuit and secret missionary to his homeland, where, like so many of his fellow Catholics during the reign of Elizabeth I, he won the crown of martrydom.  He was also an accomplished and much-respected poet.  The Burning Babe (published in 1595) is a poem he wrote for Christmas about the Christ Child on fire with love to save the souls of mankind.  It is printed in its entirety on the front and back of this holy card, along with a vintage image of the Infant Jesus, seated in the manger and holding a crown of thorns, while wreaths of roses lie at His feet.  A beautiful poem and a beautiful picture to celebrate Christmas.

An excerpt:  My faultless breast the furnace is,

The fuel, wounding thorns;

Love is the fire and sighs the smoke,

The ashes, shame and scorns.

Dimensions: 3.25" x 5", printed on white cardstock

Image source:  Chant Art

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