Saint Patrick Notepad

Saint Patrick Notepad

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Saint Patrick Notepad

Everyone needs somewhere to jot down their lists or that random thought they don't want to get away.  Our notepads are extra long and thick with approximately 75 unlined pages for you to fill as you please.  Best of all, you can have a holy picture and an inspirational thought with you throughout the day as you work.

The Saint Patrick notepad honors St. Patrick with a vintage black and white image him on the cover.  Inside you will find a little bit about St. Patrick as well as a short prayer. 

In the fifth century Britain was pagan, the Franks did not know the name of the true God, Germany had no recollection of Christ's life on the earth; and northern Europe slept in a life of vice and this is when Ireland received The One True Faith from Saint Patrick. Ireland's roots ran deep -- her children gave the faith to other nations and remained steadfast in the Roman Catholic Faith they had received from their guardian and patron Saint Patrick. This humble bishop had been taken captive as a youth by barbarians and brought to Ireland to tend to the livestock and treated no different then the sheep he took care of.  But it was there in these hardships that his holy Guardian Angel taught him how to pray and prepared him for the mission God would bestow upon him as Bishop of the Catholic Church.  He heard while back on the mainland studying for the priesthood, the voices of Ireland calling him to save them from their sins and returned to them as the Giver of the Word of God and made the fields of Ireland green with the graces of God -- churches, monasteries, many baptisms, religious orders sprang up and great saints came from the zeal of St. Patrick.

Spiral bound with plastic comb.

Front and back cover printed on heavy white cardstock.

3.5" x 8.5"

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