St. Hildegard 4" x 6" Print

St. Hildegard 4" x 6" Print

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St. Hildegard 4" x 6" Print

St. Hildegard of Bingen was a 12th century German Benedictine Abbess and mystic who was given light from God to write and defend the Catholic Church.  "God be in my head, and in my being.  God be in my mind, and understanding. God be in my eyes, and in my seeing.  God be in my ears, and in my hearing.  God be in my mouth, and in my speaking.  God be in my heart, and in my thinking."  This 17th century prayer by Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, sums up the spirituality of St. Hildegard.  Christ gave knowledge to St. Hildegard and instructed her to listen and write.  From these visions she composed a prayer book, a music book, and two medical books.  She was God's messenger and denounced corruption among the church leaders of her day.  In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI formally canonized her as a saint and declared St. Hildegard a Doctor of the Church.

Show your devotion to Saint Hildegard by decorating your home with this 4" x 6" print.

Image source: Chant Art

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