Large Chapel Veil Pouch - Envelope Closure

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Many customers have asked us for a pouch in which they could store their chapel veils.  They were tired of their veils getting crushed or crinkled jammed in amongst the other items in their purses.  Now we are pleased to bring a solution in the form of these lovely chapel veil pouches by Alaska Made, a small Catholic family business which specializes in handmade items.

Alaska Made's chapel veil pouches are durable and attractive and come fully lined.  They are meant to go inside your purse and will keep your chapel veil nice and neat while you're not wearing it.  A decorative button and loop closure secures an envelope style flap which keeps your veil from falling out.

Fits any size veil or mantilla

Measures 8.5" x 7.25"

Note:  These items are handmade.  Expect slight differences between individual items.  Also, there are limited quantities available in each color.  We will update new colors as they become available.

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