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Prepare for Christmas during the season of Advent!

WAITING FOR THE CHRIST CHILD - Begin your Advent Season now, shutting out the noise and news of the world and traveling back in time when families made preparation for the Sweet Little Lent known as the Advent Season.  You will find many saints each day of the season for your instruction to lead us to the Holy Babe by the spirit of sacrifices done cheerfully.  What gift can we bring to the Holy Babe this Christmas?  This season is a sweet expectation and Christmas brings a joyful merriment to every family who has prepared well in the Advent Season.

Let us make room in our heart houses for the Holy Babe and His Mother Mary and St. Joseph.  May the inn of our hearts happily welcome the Holy Family on Christmas Day, by doing a bit of house cleaning and removing the cobwebs of self love and filling the rooms with the light of little sacrifices.

We offer you the Heart House Austrian Christmas Story Book.  A homespun tale that you can follow along and adopt these Advent customs to your own family -- writing a letter to the Christ Child, reading the Advent saints -- St. Nicholas is a great wonderworker and much more then Patron of Children. He is also Good Shepherd that saveth.  This saint was devoted to the Holy Babe  and we have the St. Nicholas booklet with the Ancient Prayer of his many titles to recite in the Advent Season.  What did the saints do for Advent or what did the Catholics in America do for Advent in the 18th and 19th centuries?  One can go on a quest in the many saint biography books you have.  The Servant of God, Abbot Gueranger advises one to read the Advent saints and sanctify Sundays by partaking of the Divine Office.  Your family follows in the footsteps of The Holy Family and the saints, having their very own hour with God. The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary Book is available to families.  The Holy Ghost will infuse the beauty of reciting the ancient prayers of which God is the author and bring much peace to souls.  Reading the Bible as a family we join the saints of the old Law asking for the Savior to come into the world.  Let our hearts be ever filled with gratitude that He is with us awaiting our visit in every Catholic Church and adoration chapel.   -- we have Adoration bouquet cards, one can send as gifts when you visit him just for a moment.   Did you know that the Holy Babe longs to be born in our souls and that is the feast of Christmas.  St. Joseph and Mother Mary knock at the doors of our hearts to ask us to welcome the Divine Infant -- Is our heart houses decorated and ready to receive the Holy Babe, Mother Mary and St. Joseph?  HE desires to grow within our souls and dispel the darkness with his bright light of love, heal the wounds with His mercy and even more then that.  The Great feast is a day of Mercy for the whole world; for all who give Him room in their hearts in the Advent Season.

Our Christmas holy cards can be used as tree ornaments or to decorate your home or packages by punching a hole as we will leave extra room at the top.  Let our homes welcome the Holy Family as we follow the Advent Family Spiritual Crib and build our Manger to add the little sacrifices that will become the bedding the Holy Babe on his Birthday.  And for those who like to don aprons we have added our Advent customs from other lands with an authentic cookie recipe to make, store in tins, one can decorate with our Christmas or St. Nicholas stickers and wait for the great feast to share with others.


Various items in our Advent and Christmas categories are on sale.  During the season of Advent we will include a free Christmas holy card with every order!

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