Devoted Love - An Introduction to Servant of God Empress Zita von Habsburg

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Devoted Love - An Introduction to Servant of God Empress Zita von Habsburg of Bourbon-Parma

WHAT DOES THE SERVANT OF GOD, EMPRESS ZITA OFFER CHRISTIAN WOMEN?  We live in turbulent and evil times, so did she!  Princess Maria Anna, her granddaughter summed up her life in one word, FIDELITY to God, her marriage, her eight children, grandchildren and her country (never abdicated the oath made before God) and a Benedictine Oblate for over sixty years.
Her life says to every Christian maiden, wife, mother, grandmother, widow, and Benedictine Oblate To Be Reminders of the Christian Culture with no room for compromise and to Desire The Eternal Good For Families.  Zita's Catholic Faith was the Bulwark of her life - this little book with color pictures is to help get her known and invoke her intercession.  May we work for her beatification, so together the saintly married couple can be canonized by the Church.

Emperor Blessed Charles I and Servant of God Empress Zita were the last virtuous Catholic Monarchs of the Austrian Hungarian Empire.  Both from the oldest Royal Houses in Europe; he from the Habsburg and she a descendant of the martyred French King Louis XVI.  Zita fondly remembered Archduke Charles words on their wedding day, "Now, we must help each other get to heaven."
They inherited a crown of thorns in a war not theirs - WWI and spent their reign to end it and restore peace.  God's plan was the royal Way of the Cross and their mainstay was daily recitation of the Litany of St. Joseph, the Family Rosary and  Holy Mass, their love to each other and their children..
The dethroned Charles I wrote to Pope Benedict XV, "I do not lose heart, and have confidence that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will not abandoned the land that is consecrated to Him."  They were prisoners exiled to an island, penniless and homeless by the Godless nations.  Charles passed from this life at age 35 and Empress Zita embraced the vocation of widowhood and wore black in memory of her beloved husband till her own death.


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