Cooking by the Cross Cookbook

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Penance on Fridays is not an option.  Fifty-two Friday family dinners.

Cooking by the Cross is more than just a simple cookbook -- it is a catechism and devotional as well, geared towards helping Catholics keep their Friday penance.  The detailed introduction explains the origin and reason for meatless Fridays, what Friday penance means now, and the Fatima message's call to reparation.  The recipe portion of the cookbook offers 52 meatless main dishes -- one for every week of the year -- following the seasons of the year, a special section on grains and home-made bread, and sections on salads and vegetables.  Each recipe page has a meditation from the saints.  The recipes feature a wide range from comforting casseroles to hearty soups to tasty pasta, and draw from various cuisines such as Guatemalan, Nicoise, and, of course, good old American.  Also, many of the recipes are safe for people with allergies to wheat, eggs, or dairy.

Spiral bound, 100 pages

7" x 8.5"

Cover printed on sturdy cardstock

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