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JULY CELEBRATES OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL AND SAINT ANNE, Patron of Christian Mothers and Grandmothers by faith to all of us!

"Blessed be our God who has given us His Mother to be our Mother." - Blessed Maravillas of Jesu, ocd


The Order of Carmel is devoted to St. Anne and spread devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary's Mother.  Pope Gregory XV was cured from a serious illness through the intercession of St. Anne and her feast day was ranked with no servile work on that day - July 26th.

An account from Volume 13 of The Liturgical Year by Abbot Gueranger, osb gives an incident in her life.  Saint Anne's lamentation prayer to God in her garden: "To whom shall I liken me? I can not liken me even to the earth for the earth bears forth fruit in Season and praises Thee, O Lord."  An Angel of God told her, God has heard her prayer and she shall conceive and bear a daughter and name her Mary.

Let us, her spiritual grandchildren, make her known and loved!

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